Privacy Policy

Area of application

The address of this website is for which applies this policy. The website provides interested individuals / users with information on my service offering as interim manager and transfer pricing economist.

Personal Data

Any information suitable for identifying individuals and their circumstances (e.g. name, address, telephone numbers, ip-address, e-mail address, …) constitute personal data. Information that cannot be linked easily to an individual, i.e., extraordinary financial and analytical effort would be required to establish such relationship does not represent personal data.

Personal Data – collection and processing

Use of this internet offering does not require the user to actively provide personal data. User accounts and user profiles are not created.

However, in order to access this site (as well as any other website) and to ensure a secure and stable user experience exchange of some personal data is technically mandatory. Some of these data are:

  • ip address of the receiving device;
  • date and period of usage;
  • name and URL of the pages used;

The user’s web browser automatically provides the host system with the data necessary for seamless access to this website. This site is hosted by Strato AG ( Accordingly, the information is received and recorded by Strato AG’s server system. Strato AG keeps record of the relevant data according to its terms and conditions in order to ensure secure and reliable availability of the websites it hosts. Obviously, the provider of this website does not have direct access to these data.