Dr. Steffen R. Möckel

  • founded contrabass;
  • has over 20 years experience in various client assignments and management positions for clients from industries such as:
    • automotive (OEMs and suppliers)
    • process industry/plant engineering
    • medical engineering
    • electrical engineering
    • software solutions
    • metal processing
    • construction / property development
  • has significant experience in management and administration of mid sized integrated groups;
  • acts as a business partner, the management team’s ‘business  conscience to effectively manage both opportunities and risk;
  • supports as interim manager clients’ operations;
  • combines his experience as transfer pricing economist and CFO to develop and implement pricing strategies meeting both, business and tax requirements;
  • shares insights and experience with students as a lecturer

Other interests:

  • Big data science / analytics: do we have the right data to effectively manage opportunities and risk?
  • Real options – which options are available to achieve the goal?
  • Digital photography
  • Jazz