Assume operating responsibilty as plant controller

Objective Support a precision casting company as plant controller
Role Interim Plant Controller
Industry Metal processing / precision casting
Countries Germany / UK
Profile The company (contract manufacturer/contract developer) develops, manufactures and sells precision casting parts for industrial customers (e.g. turbine blades for aircrafts or industrial gas turbines). With annual sales of € 80 Mio and about 500 employees it is the largest single entity of its UK-based parent. The group has annual consolidated sales of about € 1.000 Mio.
Tasks / objectives - Provide regular monthly and KPI reporting using the group's Hyperion management reporting
- Evaluate and process capital expenditure proposals (DCF approach)
- Business Planning (cost centres, scrap, metal surcharge) using MACS; support sales planning
- Model the complex manufacturing process based on BoMs, work schedules and cost centers
- Develop and Implement product costing tools (material Input and processing cost)
Results - Product related risk and opportunities are faster indentifiable; - Appropriate action can be taken earlier to either avoid risk or take advantage of opportunities - in particular challenge engineering to proved more appropriate solutions.
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